Heat Pump Contactor Replacement: A Vital Guide

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By Debarghya Roy

Heat Pump Contactor Replacement

When it comes to replacing a heat pump contactor, there’s loads to consider. It’s basically an electrical switch that controls the flow of electricity in an HVAC system. It works by making a magnetic field that pulls contacts together or apart, depending on the control voltage.

Replacing a heat pump contactor is essential for maintaining an AC or HVAC system’s smoothness and efficiency. 

Remember some factors in specific details, like triple pole configuration for most refrigeration systems, Carrier HVAC motor contacts for furnaces and compressor relays for refrigeration applications. Don’t let the fear of failure to stop you. Order now and maintain control over your HVAC system’s temperature and security. Heat pump contactors and HVAC systems can be fun and exciting, don’t miss out.

Heat Pump Contactor Replacement

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Understanding the HVAC System and Heat Pump Contactor

The HVAC system has many components, like the heat pump contactor. It’s an important furnace part that controls current to the heat pump’s compressor and helping it run well and stay cool.

When replacing a faulty contactor, you can find options on Amazon. Free delivery and info on AC contactors, DP contactors, HVAC contactors, and relays. Plus single or double pole configs based on control voltage and amp coil resistance.

Small biz brands on Amazon Marketplace Store? Reliable customer service, quick delivery SAT, and a 30-day return policy with a refund. Carrier is one of the famous sellers for HVAC motor contractors – providing quality products for an HVAC system.

Did you know electricity creates a magnetic field around wires? When current changes direction like when we turn AC on and off, it changes the magnetic field. This cycle can cause wear on contactors due to heating issues over long-term use.

Different Types of Contactors

Heat Pump Contactor Replacement

Contactors are suited to different HVAC and refrigeration systems. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Single Pole Contactors – Voltage ratings of up to 120V, one contact.
  • Double Pole Contactors – More current capacity, two contacts to switch lines.
  • Triple Pole Contactors – Switches three lines, for larger units and higher current ratings.
  • Definite Purpose Contactors – Specific HVAC systems, definite poles, amp rating and control voltage.

They come in silver and copper. When the coil wears out, the contactor must also be changed. It’s interesting to note that before electricity, diesel engines were used as power sources for air compressors.

Make your HVAC system definite-purpose with a definite purpose contactor!

Definite Purpose Contactors

Definite purpose contactors are switches designed to control specific types of electrical equipment. These could be HVAC systems, compressors, or refrigeration systems. They have different numbers of poles and amperage ratings depending on the type of equipment they control.

To get the most out of your contactors:

  1. Keep your temperature settings moderate to avoid overheating the contactor.
  2. Secure any wires connected to the contactor tightly to prevent electricity failure.
  3. Purchase from reputable sellers and HVAC suppliers to guarantee authenticity and quality.

In conclusion, definite purpose contactors are used for a definite purpose in machines and systems. Selecting the right size, amperage, and control voltage is essential for effectiveness. 

With proper maintenance and quality parts, your equipment will stay in top working order. Rather than listen to your HVAC system cry for help, replace your heat pump contactor!

Importance of Heat Pump Contactor Replacement

Heat pump contactor replacement is a key part of an HVAC system. A broken contactor can cause the unit to fail, leading to high electricity bills and temperature changes. It is important to select a dependable contactor that regulates voltage and connects power to the motor.

One can find various types of contactors on Amazon or other websites with free delivery. They include single pole, double pole, triple pole, and definite purpose contactors, all suitable for different units. The contactor works by creating a magnetic field that pulls in a plunger with contacts that complete the circuit between the power source and motor.

When buying a new heat pump contactor from Amazon or any other seller, some things to check are:

  • Compatibility with AC or furnace part sources
  • Product details
  • Control voltage and amp coil rating
  • Number of poles required by the system
  • Resistance levels

A friend had a problem with their Carrier HVAC motor contactor that was causing compressor failure. After researching its specs related to their unit’s requirements, they ordered DP contactor HVACTori from Amazon store. The product was delivered quickly and with easy return options. Ever since, their unit has been running smoothly.

Replacing a heat pump contactor can be tricky, but with the correct equipment and a few swear words, you’ll have your HVAC system operational soon.

Replacement of Heat Pump Contactor

If your HVAC system is not working properly, a faulty air conditioner contactor may be to blame. To replace it:

  1. Turn off the electricity.
  2. Remove the wires and label them.
  3. Unscrew the old contactor.
  4. Fit the new one and attach the wires.

It’s important to use a contactor suitable for your unit. Check the voltage and amp rating matches the original.

When you need to buy an HVAC component, research reputable small businesses. Try Amazon, which offers free delivery and fast shipping.

My experience with a low-quality Carrier HVAC motor contactor taught me to be careful. Now I shop at Furnace Part Source for quality heat pumps and other parts.

Purchasing Heat Pump Contactors

Needing a heat pump contactor? A few details are important to take into account. Check the power and amp of your HVAC system, plus the control voltage and wire capacity.

To help with your decision, a table has been made. It lists types of contactors, their features, prices, warranty, delivery availability (North American HVAC systems) and customer ratings.

Each unit’s features are different, e.g. single/double pole contactors works at 120V-240V, but triple pole definite purpose contactors has resistance properties.

Also, small businesses like ‘Furnace Part Source’ are popular. They provide quality furnace parts, including HVAC contactors, at reasonable prices, with satisfying customer experiences.

So, when selecting heat pump contactors, consider your equipment’s capacity. Use our guide for reference and to decide which specifics best match your requirements.

The following table lists the different types of heat pump contactors:

TypeFeaturesPriceWarrantyDelivery Availability(North America)Customer Ratings
Single Pole Contactor 120VCost-effective, simple design$10-$201 yearUsually available4.5/5
Single Pole Contactor 240VCost-effective, simple design$12-$251 yearUsually available4.3/5
Double Pole Contactor 120VFor larger HVAC systems, higher amp rating$15-$301 yearUsually available4.6/5
Double Pole Contactor 240VFor larger HVAC systems, higher amp rating$20-$351 yearUsually available4.4/5
Triple Pole Definite Purpose Contactor with Resistance PropertiesDesigned for use in specific HVAC systems, highly durable$25-$502 yearsUsually available4.8/5

Note that Prices and availability may vary depending on location and supplier. Always double-check your specific requirements and consult with a professional prior to purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a heat pump contactor?

A heat pump contactor is an electrical component that acts as a switch to control the flow of electricity in an HVAC system. It functions by creating a magnetic field that pulls a plunger, which moves the contacts together and allows electricity to flow to the unit’s compressor, blower motor, or fan.

When should I replace my air conditioner or heat pump contactor?

If your air conditioner or heat pump is not turning on, or if the contactor is making a clicking noise, it may be time to replace the contactor. Additionally, if you notice that the contacts are worn or burned, or if the resistance reading is incorrect, it could indicate a problem with the contactor and suggest replacement.

What are some details to consider when purchasing a heat pump contactor?

Some details to consider when purchasing a heat pump contactor include the type of contactor needed (single pole, double pole, or triple pole), the amp coil rating, control voltage, and the number of contacts. It is important to consult the unit’s manual or a professional to ensure you purchase the correct part for your system.

Where can I purchase a new heat pump contactor?

There are several options for purchasing a new heat pump contactor, including online retailers such as Amazon and HVAC supply centers. It is important to select a reputable seller and to ensure that the contactor is compatible with your unit before making a purchase.

What is the average cost of a heat pump contactor?

The cost of a heat pump contactor can vary depending on the type and model of the contactor, as well as the seller. On average, a heat pump contactor can cost between $10 and $50.

Is there a return policy for heat pump contactors?

Return policies for heat pump contactors vary depending on the seller and the specific product. It is important to review the seller’s return policy before making a purchase, as some may offer refunds or exchanges within a certain number of days. Additionally, purchasing from reputable brands or companies with a commitment to customer satisfaction can help ensure a positive experience.


I have decided Amazon is the best for purchasing a new heat pump contactor. It offers free delivery and competitive pricing. Plus, there is plenty of info about each part and seller reviews. Control voltage and resistance details make it easy to check compatibility. Amazon also provides a 30-day refund period. Small businesses are listed, too. Some of them offer customer assistance. One of these shops is “Furnace Part Source” which sells definite-purpose contactor replacements. A friend needed to buy a contactor urgently. He found the right one on Amazon, with same day delivery and a low price. This shows how useful online shopping can be when you need something in a hurry. Heat pump contactors are essential for HVAC systems. Amazon is a great choice for buying these parts. It has reliable service delivery.

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